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Yes, Lord Dyson is leading an independent investigation. He has appointed Fieldfisher LLP as solicitors to the investigation. The Terms of Reference were set by Lord Dyson and approved by the BBC on the basis Lord Dyson considered them appropriate.
Anyone who was involved in these events and has relevant information can contact the investigation at
There are no current plans for Lord Dyson to give media interviews on this matter during the investigation. Any media enquiries should be directed to Elian Fletcher at the BBC, who can be contacted on 07860785464 or
Any updates on the progress of the investigation will be posted on this website.
No, the investigation has no statutory powers to compel witnesses, which are held only by statutory public inquiries and criminal investigations. However, the BBC has agreed not to withhold any documentation Lord Dyson requests and to endeavour to secure the attendance of its current and former staff at interview meetings with him. Lord Dyson is leading an independent investigation and he wants to hear from anyone with relevant information in the interests of getting to the truth.
The Terms of Reference provide the framework within which Lord Dyson will conduct his investigation. It will take the course Lord Dyson sees fit based on the evidence. If there is any evidence of criminality Lord Dyson will consider what appropriate steps to take.
It will be a thorough investigation and will take as long as required, though Lord Dyson aims to reach his conclusions with all due expedition in light of the public interest in having an outcome known as soon as possible. It is hoped that the investigation can be completed within approximately six months.