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The Dyson Investigation

In November 1995, the BBC broadcast an episode of its investigative documentary series, Panorama, which included an interview with Diana, Princess of Wales.

On 18 November 2020 the Rt. Hon. Lord Dyson was appointed to lead an independent investigation into the circumstances around this interview. The investigation has started and will lead to the publication of a report.

The terms of reference for the independent investigation are as follows:

  • What steps did the BBC and in particular Martin Bashir take with a view to obtaining the Panorama interview on 20 November 1995 with Diana, Princess of Wales? This will involve a consideration of all the relevant evidence including (i) the mocked up bank statements purporting to show payments to a former employee of Earl Spencer (ii) the purported payments to members of the Royal Households; and (iii) the other matters recently raised by Earl Spencer not limited to the matters published in the Daily Mail on 7 November 2020.
  • Were those steps appropriate, having regard in particular to the BBC’s editorial standards prevailing at the time?
  • To what extent did the actions of the BBC and in particular Martin Bashir influence Diana, Princess of Wales’s decision to give an interview?
  • What knowledge did the BBC have in 1995 and 1996 of the relevant evidence referred to at paragraph 1 above?
  • Having regard to what was known at the time of its investigation in 1995 and 1996, how effectively did the BBC investigate the circumstances leading to the interview?

Call for evidence

Lord Dyson wishes to hear from anyone with direct knowledge of the Panorama interview and the circumstances surrounding it.

If you were involved in these events and have any relevant information, please contact the investigation at